Our Story

How it all started...

The growth and development of Mims Baptist Church parallels that of the oil industry in Montgomery County. A group of born-again Christians met in January of 1933 in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Price in the old Humble Oil Camp. At this meeting the Rev. Henry Jones, District Missionary, aided in the organization of the church to be known as the First Baptist Church of Humble Camp. The church voted to call Rev. George D. Burns of New London, Texas as its pastor. John I. Butler, Sr. later donated a site for the building, and volunteer labor built the church. The church was located at the old Youens Switch on the Santa Fe Railroad east of town on which Jefferson Chemical Company is now located.

On January 28, 1944, the First Baptist Church of Humble Camp met in conference and entered into a discussion to move and enlarge the church. Mr. and Mrs. Ira B. Mims offered to deed the church three acres of land on Porter Road, next to the cemetery. A brush arbor was hastily constructed, and the church met beneath it while using the lumber from the first church to help build the new wooden frame church building.

In appreciation for the gift of land, the congregation voted to change the church's name to Mims Memorial Baptist Church in honor of the deceased loved ones of the Mims family. A dedication service was held for this church building on Sunday, June 22, 1947. In 1960, a new brick sanctuary and classrooms were added. The third sanctuary and Family Activities building were dedicated August 8, 1976, and two-story Education building was dedicated June 28, 1981. The house and property located next door to the church were acquired from Sam and Leatha Vanderburg following Sam's death in 1985.

In September 1986, Mims Baptist Church called Rev. Gene Kendrick. Pastor Kendrick has led the church in phenomenal growth. Under his leadership we have accomplished the following:
  • Remodeling of the old 1960 Worship Center for use by our Senior Adults. Currently it is being used by our Youth and has become known as the Student Center.
  • Extensive upgrading of the Nursery facilities
  • Parking - We now have parking for 530 vehicles.
  • Old education building, unused for many years, remodeled for use by our Children and Youth.
  • Family activities building remodeled to make room for more Sunday School classes.
  • Mims Baptist Church became "Debt Free in '93".
  • In 1994 the church purchased the old Conroe Drive-in, adding an additional 18.3 acres. This purchase gave the church the necessary land to meet its immediate expansion needs as well as accommodate future ministries. Mims Baptist Church owns a total of 27 acres.
  • September 1994 Mims Christian Academy was established.
  • October 23, 1994 at our United We Build Banquet at Del Lago we were able to see what the future would hold for this great church. This was the beginning of the financial planning for our beautiful 2,000-seat Worship Center.
  • November 1995 we were led by the Lord to purchase Freewill Baptist Church, 1600 South 7th Street, for our Hispanic Mission. Pastor Fernando Suarez currently serves this ministry.
  • April 1996 we observed groundbreaking for the new Worship Center.
  • May 31, 1998 we celebrated with old friends and former members at the dedication service of our beautiful 2,000 seat Worship Center.
  • May 1999 we remodeled the 1976 sanctuary. This remodeling created new offices for our Education Ministry, added more Sunday School classes and gave us our Family Life Center.
  • August 2007 we remodeled the upstairs of the Children's ministry area adding new Sunday School classes and an area for Children's Church.
  • Sunday, September 8, 2013 – We dedicated our new state of the art 38,000 square foot Preschool/Children/Banquet Hall/Staff Offices Building
  • Sunday, April 6, 2014 – We dedicated our new state of the art Student Ministry Center located in our upstairs Family Life Center.
Although the church has grown from an attendance of 14 in 1933, there is still the "feeling of friendliness" that makes Mims a "true church family". To all who come to worship we say, "In this loving fellowship, there is a place for you!"

Be a part of our story...

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